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The Sleepy Treehouse in the Forest

This is a bedtime story that was written for audio for Slumber and Get Sleepy.

Your path is delicately shaded by draping green foliage and a soft, cloudy sky. The tree leaves gently sway on mossy branches that transform into strong trunks. You notice that the trees are covered in thick pieces of bark that slightly protrude out in a bevel shape.

You see, the trees of this particular forest are hundreds of years old, at least, and you are feeling a sense of enchantment as you begin your walk. You trace your fingers over a few pieces of bark, and you note that they feel rough and cool to the touch.

You adore how this particular forest is covered in mossy boulders, majestic green foliage, and long thin grass, a shade of green you are sure you have never seen before.

You can hear a stream in the distance, just out of reach, and you hope your path will bring you by its lush, flowing waters. The earth below you is soft and the grass is bright and dewy. They move weightlessly as if they were planted feathers. When you bend down, you can see speckles of raindrops resting gently on the foliage.

The footpath you will follow to the treehouse today is not so apparent. Instead of a clear dirt path, thick patches of grass intertwine with the heavy elaborate foliage of this wondrous part of the world. You think it is beautiful and you appreciate the sense of adventure that the path will bring you today.

As you look out in front of you, a soft, faraway light casts down through breaks in the forest canopy. It shines its light majestically down and you can see a delicate mist floating in its brightness.

This light will be your path today, and it is delighted to guide you to the restful treehouse.

As you walk, your feet press into the doughy soil. It feels healthy and fertile beneath the soles of your shoes.

Looking around, you notice that the woods here are not necessarily heavily forested. Instead, the place is thickly covered in lush vegetation from aromatic wild herbs, dewy moss-covered patches, and overgrown shrubbery.

You prefer it this way because, despite the overcast sky, it still allows the mellow sunlight to cast down on the grass.

The entire place has a fantastical, storybook aura surrounding it, you think.

Now, your left foot crunches down on a hollow tree branch, laced with pale green lichen and moss. As you look down, you notice a snail safely making its way out of the right end of the branch.

It flaunts a spiraled, vibrant colored shell and two long tentacles that stand tall, reaching up toward the tops of the trees. You smile as you watch it scoot away further into the leafy abyss of the forest.

Today’s weather is ideal for a nature walk, you think. Your long-sleeved outfit hugs your body comfortably while providing you with the perfect balance of breathability and warmth.

You stop walking for a moment, feeling drawn to the natural sounds around you. So, closing your eyes, your mind drifts away toward whatever you hear.

First, it is the flowing water. You feel yourself standing by the stream, watching the tiny cascades caused by wet rocks jutting out of the water.

Then, you hear the repetitive sounds of crickets. You can imagine a cricket hopping over your shoe, jumping its way to some mysterious destination.

Finally, you focus, listening carefully to a song from a bird. You hear it cooing in a nearby tree. With your eyes still closed, you cannot see it. However, you imagine it as a soft blue and petite with a wide belly that sticks out over its pale yellow feet. Finally, you envision yourself soaring above the trees, admiring this lush wilderness from a rare perspective.

Then, for a moment, you focus on your breathing – really allowing yourself to be mindful in this enchanting forest. After some time, you slowly open your eyes and they quickly find the glowing sun rays that continue to guide you today.

Your feet press into the ground, step by step. Naturally and with ease, your body moves around mossy boulders and tall grass, as you hear the flowing water roar closer.

Though you have never been to this place before, it feels like your body knows it well. It moves sways through the foliage effortlessly, like a dance you memorized long ago.

Before you know it, out of the corner of your eye, you can see the stream curving through the earth to your left.

It is a small stream. Perhaps it is just a few feet wide and would only reach your calves if you stood in it. Nonetheless, it is beautiful, bringing life to the forest and acting as a passage for tiny fish and insects.

The fresh water is crystal clear. You look down at a school of thin, wiggly fish pushing through the water. And just beneath them are light grey and white pebbles. You watch the fish flow together like a team, some pebbles tumbling with the movement of the running water. For a moment, you wonder where the stream is taking the fish, and so your eyes follow the water until the stream disappears behind a bend.

You turn your head back toward your guided path now and slowly continue your pleasant walk. Along the way, you dodge fuzzy stones, tree roots, and miscellaneous fallen branches that dust your path.

Soon, your eyes are drawn to the base of the tree trunk. Something red catches your eye. Sprouting from the ground, you see a long cream-colored mushroom stem with a red, rounded head dotted with white speckles. You lean in it to take a look, and you almost feel like you can see the mushroom growing, slowly expanding and reaching toward the sky as if you were watching a timelapse. What a wondrous forest, you think to yourself.

Quickly, you realize that this mushroom is not alone. Just behind it, you can see a smaller one just starting to poke its head out from the surface of the soil. A little clump of dirt still clings to its delicate red top.

You feel a sense of enchantment seeing these fairytale-like mushrooms, and you imagine yourself as part of some folklore that is still in the works being written. Of course, you are visiting a treehouse in the forest. “And what is more storybook than that?” You think to yourself.

You learned about this treehouse from a friend of a friend who lives in a nearby cabin with her husband. Here in the forest, the couple spends their days foraging for mushrooms and berries, growing herbs and vegetables, and relaxing to the sounds of nature around them. They like to travel into town once a week to see friends and stock up on fresh flour, cheese, and whatever else they may need.

Other than that, they are almost completely self-sustainable. Her husband gathers water from an old stone well, and they have a fireplace for when it’s cold out. Both can even make their own clothes from wool they trade berries or mushrooms for in town.

Then, in their spare time, they write short stories, which gives them enough income to buy whatever they can’t trade for. And with this seemingly uncomplicated lifestyle, they are happy.

You admire the couple’s simple way of life, and you hope that your stay in the treehouse will give you a deeper glimpse into the beauty of it all.

Now, giving one last look at the forest mushrooms, you continue on your way – still guided by the rays of sunshine poking through the tall trees.

Your path is peaceful for some time. You hear birds cooing in nearby trees, leafy branches rustling against the wind, and the sound of your shoes against the soft forest floor.

Then, a fluffy grey bunny rabbit hops across your pathway. The friendly animal turns to look at you curiously before happily carrying onward in pursuit of berries and water.

Moments later, a wooden sign catches your attention. It reads, “Welcome to the Treehouse.”

Your eyes follow past the sign, which quickly reveals a wondrous view.

The treehouse is like the castle of this forest. Perched tall and proud, it has an out-stretched balcony that looks over the majestic terrain. The sun beams hazily shine through the tree leaves, creating a halo-like glow around the structure. It is the start of the Golden Hour, the magical – but brief – time just before sunset.

The treehouse itself has been meticulously carved from natural wood, and it blends in among all the brown and green nature that surrounds it.

To your surprise, from this view you can also see that the treehouse is divided into two sections.

First, there is a spiral staircase that leads up to, what you presume, is the treehouse’s main floor. From there, a second staircase bulges out, ascending to a cosy section that looks perfectly shaded and cool. Perhaps, that is where you will find your bed for the night.

Now you are eager to get a closer look at the treehouse. You follow a brief pathway that leads you to the bottom of the spiral staircase.

Looking around, you notice more of those red-topped mushrooms along with petite yellow ones, too. They are scattered on either side of the staircase and around the trunk of the tree. For some reason, they cause a happy smile to cross your face.

And now that you have a better look at the tree, you see that it is quite wide as it soars toward the skyline. You appreciate its large size, giving it the strength to keep this beautiful treehouse so safe and secure.

The earthy smell of tree bark catches your nose as you look up to admire some of the tree’s details. Its outer, scaly layer is patterned with fuzzy moss that leads up through the treehouse and up toward its leafy crown.

Past the tree, you notice that the sky has darkened. The hazy sun rays have now disappeared and you are left with the deep hues of a finishing sunset.

So, after a few moments, you proceed to discover this mystifying treehouse.

Curiously, you take your first step onto the staircase and it greets you with a gentle creaking sound.

With your right hand on the handrail, you glide your way up to the main floor. A soft wind catches your skin as you ascend.

Once you reach the final step that leads you onto a wooden balcony, you feel a familiar tingling sensation, which you recognize as excitement. The balcony curves around the tree, protruding out and creating a castle-like display.

Just as you step onto it, large round-shaped fairy lights flicker on. They are motion-sensored, you realize. And with the night quickly approaching, the lights are just what you need.

The glow of each light creates a yellow-colored, captivating mood as you move over to the balcony’s ledge. Now perched with your hands on the wooden handrail, you look down at the earth below you, feeling like a prestigious ruler of this lovely little forest.

The forest looks just as dreamy from this perspective, you tell yourself. And just in that moment, you see another rabbit and its baby hopping down the pathway back on the ground. You watch their fluffy tails bounce until they retreat into the darkness beyond.

You swing back around to face the treehouse head-on. Its brown features blend into the massive trunk of the tree. In front of you is a door, large enough for two people to squeeze through, and bevel-shaped windows on either side.

You see green moss and tangly vines hanging off the roof. They lead down slightly covering the right side window. Enchanting, you think.

Now your curiosity is really tingling. You cannot wait to go inside and see even more of the treehouse.

You move forward a few steps before your hand reaches the bronze doorknob. It is designed in the shape of a tree branch. You thoughtfully tug on the knob and it slowly pulls open – a waft of orange and rosemary fills your nose.

The interior of this floor has a woven rug in neutral colors taking up the center of the square room. More windows surround the place. A comfy sofa rests against one of the walls. You see a small counter to the left. There is a basket on it that has been filled with fresh fruits.

You also spy fresh bread, olive oil, and tomatoes along with a wooden cutting board for preparing meals.

From there, your eye takes you to a quaint table with two chairs on either side. In the center, you see a rustic vase filled with fried rosemary and flowers.

You walk in and move over to smell the delicate beauties in the vase. Carefully, you learn over, close your eyes, and breathe in the sweet, earthy aroma. It instantly brings a smile across your face.

You cannot wait to prepare a small breakfast in this cosy space tomorrow morning.

But now, you are beginning to feel very sleepy. And just as you thought, there is no bed in this part of the treehouse. So, you must ascend the next staircase.

You lightly retrace your steps and close the door by pulling again on its cool-to-the-touch door knob.

Facing the treehouse, you follow a sturdy and short staircase to your right. From there, you are led onto a petite balcony. By the door, you see a little woven mat that reads “Home Away From Home”.

Your feet press into it as you go to open the door. You notice it has the same tree branch handle as the door below.

You open it and are greeted with a beauty that can only be described as magical. Fairy lights line the walls like party decorations, pulsing a yellow-tinted glow.

The bed has a tool-textured canopy with white silk bed sheets and pristinely fluffed pillows. The pure white colors contrast beautifully with the dark wooden walls and floor.

There is not much in the room beyond the bed, two side tables, a quaint bay window with cushions, and leafy ivy plants. It looks like a cosy cottage that has sprouted straight out of a tree.

You love it here, you decide.

Now, you decide it is time for bed. You push open the windows that are on either side of the room. This will create a cool wind tunnel that will help you stay comfortable all night long.

You pull off the small backpack you have been carrying and slip into your most comfortable sleep attire.

Now, you move over to the bed, pull back one section of the luxurious canopy, and slide one leg onto the bed. You glide it with ease, thanks to the quality of the silk bed sheets.

Soon enough, you are nestled under the bedsheets. You pull them up to your shoulders after fluffing the pillows to your liking.

Now on your back, you look up to discover that there is a skylight at the top of the roof. It is pointed and large enough to see out clearly.

Closest to the window, you can see a leafy tree branch swaying gently. Just past it, though, you see the stars as vivid as you’ve ever seen them from the comfort of a bed.

Dozens fill the sky above you. Some twinkle nonchalantly and others stay still, shining bright and proud.

A shooting star runs across the width of the window. Feeling like a kid, you quickly close your eyes and make a little wish.

Now it is time to have a peaceful sleep in the forest treehouse. You keep your eyes closed. You feel the cool window breeze caress you and hear the sounds of nighttime insects outside in the distance. These sensations soothe you.

Before you know it, your breathing deepens and you are out like a light. You proceed to dream of this enchanting forest and another exploring its rich beauty. But for now, it is time for a good night’s rest.

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