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The Best Things to Do with Kids in Barnard Castle & Around

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Barnard Castle is more than just a ruined medieval castle nestled in County Durham, it's also a full-blown market village with plenty to discover. Family days out in Barnard Castle offer lovely views of River Tees, historical relics, and exciting kid-friendly activities among nature. Here are some of the best things to do with kids in Barnard Castle.

Check out the Witham Community Arts Centre.

A local community centre and perfect spot for family days out in Barnard Castle, the Witham offers an art gallery, cinema, theatre, and cafe. Drop in for an immersive workshop or see a catchy musical while on your holiday in Barnard Castle. Check out what’s on at the Witham Community Arts Centre to start planning your getaway.

Visit an alpaca farm.

Family days out in Barnard Castle can always provide something unique, like at Teesdale Alpacas. Located in a beautifully scenic area, this farm is full of fluffy alpacas of all ages. Visit the farm itself or book an hour-and-a-half long alpaca walk and trek around with the animals.

Explore castles.

Like a postcard photograph, the ruined Barnard Castle blends in effortlessly with the center of the town. It has a beautiful position high on a rocky outcrop above the river. The castle is open daily and is even a great place for a family picnic in the center of town.

Nearby, you’ll also find Bowes Castle, another one of the great things to do with kids near Barnard Castle. Built along the Roman road that is now A66, this Durham County castle is just a short drive, usually under 10 minutes by car from Barnard Castle.

Go for a walk!

The natural beauty of the North Yorkshire countryside is all around you in Barnard Castle! Wander along the banks of the River Tees, trek part of the long-distance Teesway Pass, or take a leisurely walk around this charming old-world town.

The town will also have handy guides for walking around Barnard Castle, so you can easily choose the best walk for your family.

Explore the Bowes Museum of Barnard Castle.

Built in the style of a French Chateau, the 19th-century Bowes Museum is one of the best places to visit in England. It is considered to be one of the most significant museums in the country, spouting lush formal gardens and surrounding woodlands.

Inside the museum, visitors can enjoy even more of its romantic history with impeccable art galleries, historic fashion displays, statues and more. Plus, the Bowes Museum is also wonderful for children with interactive activities and workshops. Explore this fascinating museum, and you’ll quickly see why it's such a significant part of English heritage.

Stay in a picturesque cottage.

An overnight trip to the English countryside is hardly complete without staying in a charming cottage. Imagine stone-built homes intertwined with sprawling ivy plus wood-burning stoves and modern decor. Luxury meets the quaint countryside. Here are two holiday home cottages to stay in near Barnard Castle.

Despite its quaint size, there are so many wonderful things to do with kids in Barnard Castle. These are just some of the best things you can experience on a break away to Durham County.

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