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I'm Christa, a freelance writer and travel photographer from the US & based in Barcelona. I have a Bachelors in Mass Communication and I've studied journalism and marketing for many years. I have a passion for words, immersive experiences, and sustainable living.

- My Story -

It all started from a young age. I got my first paycheck at age 12 writing a column for an online blog. From there, I inevitably joined the high school newspaper staff and first submerged myself into the world of AP Style and Adobe Indesign. Journalism continued to play a role in my life.

This led to my university studies at Middle Tennessee State University where I studied journalism and advertising. I joined the university publication Sidelines right away and immediately began writing articles.

Heading into my junior year I was faced with a decision: apply for an editor position or follow my other dream of studying and living abroad.

Months later the decision was made, and I boarded a flight to Scotland where I furthered my journalism studies with a new global perspective. I quickly began writing for a country-wide publication called Scotcampus, where my primary focus was a column about my life as an American expat in Scotland. This began to fuel my passion for travel writing as I then started publishing my own blog posts and creating my own brand.

Now I run my own travel blog, am an experienced and passionate traveler, run a female travel community, and am still an expat to this day living in Barcelona, Spain where I spend my free time doing photography and sipping coffee in cozy cafes.


2013 - 2017

Middle Tennessee State University

Mass Communicaton from the School of Journalism

Minor in Spanish

2015 - 2016

Glasgow Caledonian University

Study Abroad


University of Edinburgh

Writing For Publication: Freelance Journalism



John Seigenthaler Journalism Scholarship Award

Outstanding Senior in Advertising Copywriting



Cum Laude Graduation Distinction, MTSU


Feel free to get in touch to discuss your projects. I look forward to working together!

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